Bathurst Hypnotherapy

alter your mind alter your life

Bathurst Hypnotherapy

alter your mind alter your life

Bathurst Hypnotherapy

alter your mind alter your life


Self Esteem/beliefs

My experiences with the treatment I received from Annie made a huge difference in my fundamental self belief. From an early age I had certain ideas that led me to think I wasn’t good enough. If you looked at my life superficially you would wonder why. The hypnotherapy was both calming and challenging. It helped me to look at my long held beliefs from different perspectives. My absolute favourite saying that Annie taught me was “there is no ‘I’ll try’, you either do it or you don’t”. The meaning here is that to say “I’ll try” gives you an out. Take control and commit to your goals. Annie is also warm and welcoming, she makes you feel hopeful and that things will improve.

Regards Ruth (Bathurst Region – March 2016)


Mysterious illness

I came to Annie after several years of having a mysterious illness that many medical professionals could not figure out. They had ruled out anything physically wrong so they then moved onto the mental side of it. They believed I had a conditioned response to the illness and needed to change my thinking.After just 3 sessions with Annie I had an unbelievable response to her methods. She takes you through step by step and lays it out in an easy to understand way.

I knew the mind was a powerful tool but after experiencing everything I went through, it has really taught me that the mind is the most important thing to have control of.

Annie has changed my outlook now and really surprised me at how effective her methods are.

I would absolutely recommend Annie to anyone who is struggling with a bad mental habit.

Justin (Bathurst – Feb 2016)


Weight Loss – Virtual Gastric Band

How I started my hypnosis with Annie Walker, a friend told me about her so I rang her up and went on the 17.7.2015. It was my first visit and it has changed my life in my appearance and my overall way of thinking and eating. I have lost 4 dress sizes and love to exercise now.

After that very first session with Annie, I went to my Doctor and found that my blood pressure was already down and haven’t had high blood pressure since. My doctor is stoked about the result.

I recommend Annie to whoever wants help with life in whatever you need as I know that I can go back whenever I feel the need to and she is only a phone call away.

Thank you to Bathurst Hypnotherapy, Annie Walker.

Julie (Orange Region – Jan 2016)


Weight Loss – Virtual Gastric Band

Hi Annie

Happy New Year!  and hope you are well 🙂

Just thought I’d let you know my good news …. yes 2015 has got off to a good start for me ….. I have finally achieved my target weight of 52 kg – so a loss down from about 64.7 I think it was before at my heaviest in 2014!  (I am exercising plenty and my husband has noticed I’m not wolfing down the chocolate as I did in the old days ha!)

So yippee here!   I had the joys of going to Junna on Howick St today to have some clothes taken in (notably a couple of lovely ball dresses I have from about 20 years ago) — no going back as I can’t add material later.  Looking forward to trying my wedding dress on again later – as I am now at the weight I was in Sept 2013.

So last and certainly not least … a big thank you ! 🙂

Stephanie (Bathurst – 2015)


Weight Loss – Natural Slender Eating Program

Hi Annie  

I hope you are well.  Please see below:   I had struggled with my weight for years.  I didn’t have much to lose, only 5 kilos.  But this 5 kilos seemed to like me – very much.  I would lose 2 kilos, then put it back on.  I had absolutely no will power.  I would be good for a maximum of 2 days but that was it.   I had been starting a “health programme” (didn’t want to mention the diet word) every Monday for the last 10+ years.  As a last resort, I looked up Bathurst Hypnotherapy on the web and after talking to Annie, I was pumped!   After only one session, my clothes were looser and I had no desire to even look at biscuits or chocolate and I have not looked back.   I could not have done this without Annie’s help.  She is honestly one of the nicest people I think I’ve ever met.  She is warm, funny, genuine and is EXCELLENT at her work!  I highly recommend her.  I am making better food choices and I am now wearing clothes I never thought I would fit into again.   Sure I eat “naughty things” when I feel like them, BUT I now know when to stop which I could not do before seeing Annie.   I thank you from the bottom of my heart.    Annie, you can use my name if you want and if people want to call me direct, I don’t have a problem with that.  

Take care now.   Best regards,

Donna (Mudgee – Sept 2014)


Confidence/Self Esteem/Relationships

I had hit rock bottom in both my personal and professional life. With a tiny baby and moving on from what was an abusive relationship I found my self questioning what was right from wrong and ultimately who was I?   Finding peace, grounding and motivation came soon after having had only three sessions with Annie, who worked patiently and methodically with me. I found her service and approach incredibly, calming, nurturing and uplifting. I am now embarking on a journey which I could not even imagine would have been possible 6 months ago.  Annie had successfully aided my own ability to shed back layers and heal myself. Not matter the issue, Annie can adapt her abilities and tailor it to your very own individual requests. I now take the tools she taught me into my every day practices.

Annie’s service was life changing, A true mover and a shaker, don’t wait. Life is short. Regards,

Jessie (Bathurst – Nov 2014)


Nail Biting

Since before I can remember I have been a nail biter.

The habit has caused me severe embarrassment as I continually tried to hide my nails. I had tried all manner of methods to stop but always returned to nibbling them.

I had four sessions of hypnotherapy with Annie Walker of Bathurst Hypnotherapy and the results are amazing!!

I stopped biting after the first session. My nails are looking terrific now and I’m taking really good care of them. I am not struggling at all to stop biting them.

I can foresee this as a permanent fix. I don’t want to and don’t feel like biting my nails at all. I am very grateful for the help I received from Annie, but really kicking myself that I didn’t try hypnotherapy years ago.

Jenny (Bathurst – Nov 2014)


Quit Smoking

Before I meet Annie I had been smoking for 14 years & suffered from Anxiety & Depression. To tell you the truth the thought of Hypnosis sound very silly to me & the only reason it had crossed my sceptical mind to start with was because I felt I had tried every other option and it was my last desperate hope to escape the dark side I felt I was stuck in.

Extremely sceptical & feeling very silly I finely made the call.  Annie & I had spent over an hour on the phone to each other, I think you’ll agree with me when I say most of the time when you are on the phone to business’s you can feel they just want to take your money & get rid of you as quickly as possible, put you on hold or pass you on to some one else.  Not Annie she really did take the time to try understand me as an individual over the phone. (when she should have been having dinner).

In the time I had been on the phone with her my scepticism had backed right off, she had really changed my way of thinking not only about smoking but my whole way of life. I remember thinking how great I felt after I’d hung up the phone.  A week later the day had come & my thoughts of what the hell had I got myself into had returned.

Annie & I had finally meet, I was a little scared & nervous about what this session was going to consist of, but let me assure all you sceptical people out there, not only did I walk out of that session feeling like I could do anything if I put my mind to it, but I still have that exact feeling’s today.

I now tackle life with a whole new attitude everything seems to make more sense then it ever has & guess what I’m still not smoking as well!          I could sit here all day and describe how the help of Annie & Hypnosis has worked for me, but I highly recommend you see for your self guarantee you, you will walk away with some sort of positive change in the way you see things or think things in any aspect of life.

I can not thank you enough Annie.

Many Thanks,

Amanda (Bathurst – 2015)